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October 8,2014 Tohoku Local TV “N suta Miyagi” on air today
About oyster hut chain and partner system
Oyster hut chain partner system
September 25,2014 By the magazine calls “ Takarajima” November issue P140〜141 “Sanriku coast oyster have got over many difficulties and it is heading to worldwide.”
September 19,2014 KAHOKU SHINPOU morning edition (local Newspaper) and KAHOKU SHINPOU Online news
Develop the Kakigoya (oyster hut) chain, the aim of starting oyster hut chain is recover the oyster market from tsunami disaster
September 18, 2014 We started an oyster hut chain partner system
Oyster hut chain partner system
September 4,2014 We gave a presentation as an entrepreneur at PM symposium about How we use cloud funding for recovery and support from earth quake
March 11,2014 By Yahoo! News
Sanriku coast Oyster hut owners system again.
March 11,2014 By ITmedia news
For supporting Sanriku coast, they are seeking oyster hut new owner!
March 11,2014 By Mapion news
For making more Sanriku Oysters market, they started oyster hut partner system!
March 11,2014 We have started a new “Buy! And cheer for the owner” as Save Sanriku Oyster Project.
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Save Sanriku Oyster Project
March 9,2014 We gave a presentation as an entrepreneur at the SENDAI for Startups! 2014.
March 4,2014 We hold a seminar at the Graduate school of management, Globis University that sponsored by GEC.
February 25,2014 “SANRIKUJIN Traveling for cheering who work hard for recovering ”is appeared by EIJI PRESS.
February 10,2014 We hold a seminar on think about real recovery of Sanriku coast oyster market sponsored by PASONA NOUENTAI
February 3,2014 TV ASAHI 3:10am〜 “ Never Forget our March 11.Big challenge is real recovery of Sanriku coast oysters”
December 12, 2013 We approve of “1000 Sanriku oyster flags project”.
After a earth quake disaster, we cooperate with sales promotion of dropping Sanriku coast oyster demand.
Thank you for your supporting and cooperation with us.
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1000 Sanriku oyster flags project
October 13,2013 Sanriku oyster festival in Ishinomaki
Date: Sunday, October 13
Start by 101m
Place: Sant Juan Park in Ishinomaki city, Miyagi
*There are eight oyster farms between Miyagi and Iwate. They are gathering and holding this festival.
For more detail, click SANRIKU OYSTER FESTIVAL 2013
May 14,2013 HIGASHINIHON broadcast TV ”super J Channel MIYAGI 6:15pm 〜
“ Looking for more markets in oversea. Sanriku coast oyster’s big challenge into the world”
you can check our KAKIGOYA in Vietnam for 2 days.
April 23 2013 Cabinet office, Government of Japan’s Government Public Relation featured in website calls MADE IN JAPAN for foreigner.
It was introduced about our company’s project, which is save sanriku coast oysters.
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Public Relations Office Toppage
Article of our project index8 「Sanriku Coast Oysters」
April 10,2013 2nd oyster hut (KAKIGOYA) opened in Vietnam Ho Chi minh
Located in food court at the Fashion Mall"NOWZONE"
Name of the store: KAKIGOYA
Address: NOWZONE 4F, No 235, Nguyen Van Cu Street, District 1
March 15, 2013 NHK TV education channel 11PM〜
February 25,2013 SUISAN NEWSPAPER
KAKIGOYA Opened in Vietnam Sanriku shell oysters to oversea
February 23,2013 Date FM Local radio AM9:00
ilink starts oyster hut in Vietnam
sanriku oyster market is expanding to oversea
February 4,2013 YOMIURI Newspaper (Local newspaper)
Oyster hut in Vietnam Sanriku coast oysters
Oyster market is expanding to oversea
February 2,2013 Opened oyster hut in Vietnam, Ho chi Minh.
Located 2nd floor of Japanese produce stand.
Name of the store” SANRIKU KAKIGOYA.
Address: 13 Pham Van Nghi Street, River Park Building, Tan Phu Ward, Dist 7,HCM.
December 19,2012 "Sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs"
We got interviewed about how we recovery and support the fishermen after mega quake by the foreign media press.
October 29,2012 We are seeking for some people who can help our project "Save Sanriku Oysters" Check our website.
October 23,2012 ASAHI TV"HOUDOU Station"
Introduced about how we progress French style oyster farm with victim fishermen and Send Sanriku coast oysters to the world.
April 23,2012 Miyagi TV"OH! Bandesu"
April 15,2012 Kahoku Newspaper morning Edition (Local newspaper)
‘Enjoy Sanriku Coast Oysters'
April 14,2012 Oyster hut in Sendai Port is opened today at 11am.
April 14,2012 Fuji TV’FNN Super News'
April 13,2012 Pre-opened today at Oyster hut in Sendai Port.
Ceremony will be started by 11am.
Grand opened by 11am on April 14.
More detail click this website.
April 12,2012 Nikkei Newspaper “Oyster hut in Sendai Port, Grand Open in 14th. Collaborate with victim fishermen
April 10,2012 Oyster hut in Watanoha stopped selling oysters because there were unstable oysters supplies from Ishinomaki coast. Thank you for your understanding.
April 3,2012 Sendai Port’s Oyster hut will be opened on Saturday, April 14. Pre-opening ceremony will start at 11am, Friday, April 13.
*Admission by invited guest and the media press only
*Grand opening schedule has been changed from April 7th to April 14th.
March 10, 2012 NTV "Aozora Manten Restaurant
March 6, 2012 Fuji TV “Mezamashi Terebi”
March 5, 2012 KHB TV “Totsugeki! Namaiki TV”
March 1, 2012 Miyagi TV “OH! Bandesu”
February 24, 2012 KHB TV “Super J Channel Miyagi Special”
“Ishinomaki's First Oyster Shack”
February 21, 2012 We were featured in various TV programs and newspapers.Thanks for cheering us on!
2/19/2012 Sankei Shimbun (National Newspaper) 
“Fukkou Assist: Miyagi's Ishinomaki gets First Oyster Shack”
2/19/2012 Asahi Shimbun (National Newspaper)
“Charcoal Grilled: Oyster Shack Opens in Ishinomaki”
2/19/2012 NHK News (National Television)
“Oyster Shack Opens in Ishinomaki”

2/19/2012 Sanriku Kahoku Shinpou (Local Newspaper) 
“Kakigoya Watanoha is Open for Business”
2/17/2012 Fukkou Keikaku WATCH (Local Online News Service)
“A First for Ishinomaki: Kakigoya Watanoha Opens 2/18”
2/17/2012 Ishinomaki Hibi Shimbun (Local Japanese Newspaper)
“Ishinomaki City's First Oyster Shack: Boosting Local Consumption”
2/17/2012 Mainichi Shimbun (National Newspaper)
“Oyster Shack Opens Tomorrow: First of its Kind in Ishinomaki, Miyagi”
2/17/2012 Kahoku Shinpou Morning Edition (Local Newspaper)
“Rarin' to Go: Ishinomaki's First Oyster Shack Set to Open”

2/16/2012 TBC (Local Television)
“N Suta Miyagi: Ishinomaki's First Oyster Shack”
2/16/2012 KBS TV (Local Television)
“Super J Channel Miyagi” 
February 19, 2012 Thank you to everyone who came out to our opening! We are so grateful!
Parking space is limited-please refrain from parking along the side of the road as this is dangerous and interferes with local traffic.
February 18, 2012 Grand Opening at 11am!
Please join us!
February 16, 2012 Pre-Opening!
February 15, 2012 Opening Hours are as follows:
"Grand Opening:2/18/2012 (Sat.) 11am~
"Pre-Opening:2/16/2012,2/17/2012 (Thu. Fri.)
Opening Ceremony: 2/16 at 11am (By invitation only)
February 15, 2012 Kakigoya Watanoha's official website launched!